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Listed below are answers to questions you may have regarding our services.

What happens if I’m running late?

10 minutes late - $10 dollars late fee
15 minutes late - appointment will be canceled

If I do not call or show for my appointment what will happen?

No call, no show will be banned from booking in the future.

Do you offer onsite services make up services? 

I provide onsite make up services, if three or more people are being serviced.

How can I pay the day of the appointment?

Remaining balance is only accepted in cash.

Will my deposit goes towards my appointment?

   Yes your deposit will go towards your appointment

(i.e.): Total $70 for service, deposit of $25 made online, balance due at time of appointment $45.

If I cancel can I still use my deposit?

Deposits can only be used if the appointment is canceled 48 hours before the appointment date.

Deposits are only held for one month and can only be used by the original client.
Any appointments before 9am or after 8pm will be $10 - $20 dollars additional depending on the time .

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